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What it Means to Be Green Bow Approved

We’re so committed to quality and craftsmanship we’ve set our own bar. Carefully selected premium materials and industry leading construction methods are built into every A&S Home. Click below to download our Green Bow Checklist.


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2019 Premium Standard Checklist.pdf

It's Not Just a Carpet

Carpets can get a lot of wear and tear over the years, which is why we use Shaw Floors PET carpets in our homes.

Stain resistance

Shaw PET carpets are made from stain resistant materials, which protect it from spilled food or drink.

Your carpet is treated with Shaw’s R2X Stain and Soil Resistance, which offers enhanced protection. That protection lasts from the day the carpet is installed, for as long as you own it.

Years of protection

Your carpet comes with a ten year warranty, which allows it to resist soiling from dry dirt.

Pet proof

Shaw PET carpets also resist staining caused by pet urine.

Abrasion protection

Your Shaw PET carpet will not abrasively wear away by more than ten per cent in any area of the carpet, protection that lasts for ten years.

No defects

Shaw PET carpets come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects for ten years.

We’ve chosen to partner with Shaw Floors because we want the best for your home.

It's Not Just a Driveway

A&S Homes exterior concrete, supplied by City Mix Inc., is designed and produced to ensure the use of high-quality materials that exceed the performance and durability requirements of Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Our street-level concrete mixtures are spec’d at a minimum of 32 MPa (weather conditions during the cure period can influence the final strength but it is always 32 MPa or better). We make driveways, sidewalks, and doorsteps with high-quality concrete that wears better and lasts longer. Our steel configuration combined with exterior concrete mix results in maximum strength.

In addition, our concrete is properly produced, supplied, and placed so no additional maintenance is required.

Homeowners have the option of sealing concrete, which presents benefits like:

  • Reducing the amount of water that enters concrete
  • Protecting concrete from surface damage, corrosion, and staining

Once sealed, homeowners should contact sealant suppliers to determine the frequency of re-sealing.

It's Not Just a Wrap

Kingspan GreenGuard Building Wrap is applied onto every exterior wall used to build your A&S home. It’s designed to reduce air leakage and protect your home’s walls from exposure to moisture.

Included with a water-resistant barrier, GreenGuard allows moisture vapour to escape — helping your walls stay dry.

With the use of GreenGuard, your home becomes more energy efficient. GreenGuard reduces unwanted air infiltration, protecting the insulation, regardless of its type or thickness.

Combined with the indoor air quality system, the reduction in moisture translates to safer indoor air for you and your family.

It's Not Just a Furnace

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – the three functions of an air quality system. They control temperature, humidity, and circulation, giving every A&S home a breath of fresh air.

We build quality into every A&S home, and the furnace is no exception. Air quality can make a significant difference to your family’s comfort.

A&S Homes ensures air quality essentials including heating, air conditioning, and indoor air filtration products, while offering low energy and high efficiency.

Our air quality packages equip you with the flexibility to upgrade several components while still controlling seasonal allergies; relieving chronic respiratory issues; providing superior heating and cooling; and retaining air circulation throughout your new home.

It's Not Just a Tile Floor

At A&S Homes, we take every precaution against cracked tiles, this is why we install the Schluter-DITRA and offer a lifetime warranty on tiles in our new houses.

The Schluter-DITRA is an underlayment that sits between your tiles and substrate. It protects the assembly of your home’s ceramic and stone tiles by performing three integral actions:

  1. Acts as an uncoupling layer that shifts with your home.
  2. Prevents moisture penetration that may weaken your home’s substrate and tiles.
  3. Supports heavy weight that preserves the lifespan of your home’s tiles.

If you’ve ever wonder why century-old buildings still have intact tiles, your answer is the uncoupling method. Schluter-Systems’ video below details the history of uncoupling and only reinforces why A&S Homes home builders chooses the Schluter-DITRA to install ceramic and stone tiles.

It's Not Just a Window

Our window and door experts meet with every A&S Home owner, helping you understand the key features and benefits of your glass package, as well as offering advice on how to significantly reduce your energy costs. With inclusions such as dual pane EnergyStar rated Low-E Argon windows, and your choice in colour for window panes and decorative grills in our new houses, these customized packages are designed to meet your needs.

Low-E coatings allow windows to reflect heat away from the surface of the glass, which means the heat stays outside in the summer and remains inside in the winter; it’s the most cost effective way to increase the energy efficiency of your windows.

Our windows are designed with insets at a 45-degree angle to let more light in. This unique feature allows for maximum light exposure in key areas such as the basement; so whether we finish your basement or you choose to finish it at a later date, we help to make the most of your living space.

From your front door to your basement windows, our personalized approach ensures that you maximize the efficiency, comfort and amount of light in your new home.

It's Not Just Paint

There are two types of paint — water-based and solvent-based. Solvent-based paint uses a higher level of organic solvents and are responsible for the strong, noticeable odours in freshly painted homes and buildings. For this reason, A&S Homes only uses water-based paint when building your new home.

Water-based paint contains a limited amount of organic solvents; offers easy maintenance when removing scuffs and marks from your wall; and dries quicker than solvent-based paint. Most importantly, water-based paint is the healthier option, both for the environment and your well-being.

Additionally, if you’re ever planning to touch up a section in your home, your annoyance of improperly matched walls is no longer — we keep records of every swatch, so just contact us when you need it.

It's Not Just Wood Trim

KWP engineered wood trim is designed with exceptional beauty and is known for its strength, durability and low-maintenance finish. This high quality product is manufactured in Canada and is made to withstand the harshest climates – especially Winnipeg in February.

Offered in array of designer colours and a variety of widths, this is the only pre-finished trim board that is designed to match the aluminum trim of your new home and comes with a supplier-backed 25-year finish warranty and 50-year substrate warranty – the best hardboard siding and trim warranty in the industry.

Beauty and function aside, A&S Homes knows how important it is to make ecological choices whenever possible. With manufacturing facilities right here in Canada, KWP engineered wood trim bears the mark of responsible forestry and our supplier is committed to eco-conscious development, giving you peace of mind that we’re all doing our part for a sustainable future.

  • Won’t crack, split, or rot.
  • Prefinished on three sides and ready to install.
  • Factory finish eliminates on-site painting.
  • Uniform thickness ensures ease of installation.
  • 100% recycled wood.
  • Free of knots and voids.
  • No lamination.

It's Not Just a Team

Our award-winning team of architects, interior designers, sales representatives, construction managers, quality assurance specialists, contractors and suppliers work to bring your new home to life.

Bigger teams bring more diverse perspectives. From blueprints to baseboards, our diversified team of industry leaders approves every step in the process to ensure every A&S Home is Green Bow Approved.

It's Not Just a Basement

By wrapping it with Delta MS, a product that safeguards your foundation from the elements in 5 different ways:

  1. Keeps ground water safely away from foundation walls
  2. Bridges any cracks and gaps in foundation
  3. Provides ventilation for the foundation to allow it to breathe and dry
  4. Supplies an air gap that collects condensation and eliminates musty odours while keeping your basement dry
  5. Creates a path for moisture to retreat to the drainage bed, eliminating water collection in the foundation